HERMES offers the knowledge and experience of accomplished epidemiologists and research methodologists to provide the following services in support of customer and collaborative projects and decision making:

  • Feasibility and ecological studies
  • Observational (case studies, case-control, cohort, cross-sectional)
  • Experimental studies (clinical trials, field trials, group interventions
  • Definition of exposure, outcome and confounder variables
  • Study protocol development
  • Design of surveys and data collection instruments
  • Formative research for program or study planning
  • Study execution and program implementation
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Risk factor analyses
  • Validation of outcomes
  • Critical reviews of study quality and epidemiologic evidence
  • Systematic literature reviews and meta-analysis
  • Development of educational materials
  • Research training/mentoring
  • Development of project proposals, publications, technical documents
  • Scientific presentation and seminars

Meet our Epidemiology Team

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