Our Senior Health Educators worked along side of pioneer Dr. John Hatch in the development of needs assessment and health action planning with faith congregations.

Theodore Parrish, Ph.D. is Senior Health Educator at HERMES. Dr. Parrish arranges and facilitates expert panel meetings and focus groups and manages community-based projects. He provides expertise in theory-based approaches to the study of health among Black communities, community-based participatory research training, coalition-building, community assessments, in-depth interviews, and public policy.

Dr. Parrish has an impressive track record of research performance and demonstrated leadership in numerous African American community-based research projects, and his work has significantly improved health and living conditions in North Carolina and abroad. As Chair of the Department of Health Education at North Carolina Central University, he obtained initiated and directed in several collaborative projects. He directed the HBCU health alliance projects funded by the National Cancer Institute and the Heart to Heart project to promote reduction of cardiovascular disease risk factors among African Americans through drama outreach. He has consulted on international training workshops on planning and management of health education for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) center initiatives in Nigeria, Ghana, and Liberia.

LaVerne, Reid, B.S., MPH, Ph.D. - is Senior Health Educator specializing in capacity building, technical assistance, leadership training, gender and minority health interventions, focus group discussions, cognitive interviews, and qualitative analyses. Known as the Oprah of public health, Dr. Reid is a sought after speaker who can actively engage audiences in any setting. She trained and facilitated researchers and community leaders during the Phase II testing of HERMES partnership training in North and South Carolina and facilitates post training focus groups discussions for our disaster mental health training project.

Dr. Reid has extensive experience working in both academic and state public health agencies. She has served on several statewide task forces including the Governor's Task Forces on Domestic Violence and Adolescent Pregnancy. As Chair of the Department of Health Education and Associate Dean College of Behavioral and Social Sciences at NCCU, Dr. Reid's research is aimed at improving the health status of disadvantaged and ethnic minority groups. She lectures across the country on how to My engage the African-American Faith Organizations in Health Promotion Activities and was commissioned by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to publish a monograph for other health service organizations to replicate the work she initiated for faith-based health promotion. Her recent pilot study on "Living with HIV/AIDS: the Experience of Older African American Women in North Carolina" are relevant to the goal of the proposed project. Dr. Reid was Principal Investigator on the North Carolina Health Disparities Initiative and managed grantees of the Health and Wellness Trust Fund health disparities project. Dr. Reid received her Bachelor degree in Health Education from North Carolina Central University, her MPH in Health Education from UNC Chapel Hill and her Ph.D. in Health policy and labor economics from Brandeis University.

Kristen Brannock, B.A., MPH, is a Research Associate and Health Educator at HERMES, with expertise in community-based research, women's health, videographic analysis, and qualitative research methods. Ms. Brannock received her B.A. in Psychology and Women's Studies in 2003 and M.P.H. in Health Behavior and Health Education in 2005 from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. As a member of the HERMES NIMH project team she helped develop mental health research partnership training materials.

Ms. Brannock has BA, Psychology and Women's Studies and a MPH in Health Behavior and Health Education, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In addition, she has been trained by the American Red Cross as an HIV/AIDS instructor and currently volunteers as an online HIV prevention counselor. Ms. Brannock's specific areas of interest involve feminist research, the access to reproductive rights and health, as well as mental health research.

Arnold Dennis, B.A., M.A,. is the Executive Director of the Juvenile Justice Institute at North Carolina Central University. For the last 25 years, he has provided services to youth and families. His work experiences include serving as an assistant director for a department of social services, and a director of a youth detention facility. He has also worked as a social worker, probation officer, mental health worker, and a secondary school teacher in Africa. Mr. Dennis serves on several community boards and is actively involved in community activities, including directing the Durham Rites of Passage black male mentorship program based on an Afrocentric socialization process. Mr. Dennis holds a Bachelors of Arts degree from Howard University and a Masters degree in social work from Adelphi University. As a consultant with HERMES, Mr. Dennis provides technical assistance and collaborates on research related to juvenile issues and the community at-large.

Kwain Bryant, consultant, facilitator and training specialist is a graduate of North Carolina Central University. Mr. Bryan develops dynamic trainings, workshops and summits for adolescents and teens, leads focus group and in-depth discussions, and partnership-building round tables. He has won the June Stallings Award from the Adolescent Prevention Coalition for his outstanding and creative work in adolescent pregnancy prevention in North Carolina. Mr. Bryant is working on outreach and program development components of HERMES' projects serving minority populations. He recently coordinated HIV Prevention conference forum for students attending Historically Black Colleges and Universities and trained peer health educators. In addition he serves as advisor for the NC Department of Public Instruction's Youth Advisory Council and has consulted with Fox 50 to develop an educational video for adolescents and teens.

Liliane Laborde-Edozien, is one of HERMES' research assistants and outreach facilitator for youth HIV/STI prevention education programs. Liliane recently has gained recognition as leader and national honor student. She develops and conducts teen health communication activities and facilitates peer discussions, and assists with data collection data and writing reports. Liliane is pursuing a Bachelor degree in Biology with a minor in Psychology at UC Berkeley.

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