HIV/AIDS/STD Education for Minority Women Attending HBCUs

Goal: To develop and implement gender-based, culturally sensitive, and needs-based HIV/AIDS/STDs prevention education strategies

Target audience: Young minority women aged 18–25 years attending Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs)

Collaborators: North Carolina Central University (NCCU) peer educator student programs


  • Funded through minigrants and evaluated Peer-led HIV prevention activities
  • Web-based survey of student health service needs and HIV/AIDS concerns
  • Campus-wide HIV conference at NCCU
  • Serial Educational Sessions
  • Outreach and collaboration on National HIV/AIDS Observance days

Sponsor: HERMES completed five cycles of funding for this project by the Office on Women’s Health.

The following abstracts will open in a new window:

Abstract: Focus Group Discussions of Women, Sexuality and HIV Among African American Men Attending a Historically Black University in the Southeast

Abstract: HIV Peer-led Education Programs using an HBCU Mini-Grant Process

Abstract: Discussions of HIV Risk Reduction, Stigma, and Barriers to Testing among College-Aged African-American women

Abstract: Web-based Survey of HIV and STD Risk Factors among Women Attending Historically Black Colleges and Universities in the Southeast

Examples of student-developed outreach:
  Get tested hip-hop
  Get tested smooth jazz

HBCU women's health forum.

HERMES OWH HIV student conference.

CIAA 2005.

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